About Sunny

IMG_8384Sunny Dallafior, a native of Tampa, Florida grew up in a very “outdoorsy” family that took every opportunity to enjoy nature.  Weekends were spent fishing, boating, scuba diving and exploring the many local rivers, springs, beaches and islands of the Gulf of Mexico.  Summers were spent climbing trees, chasing armadillos and exploring vast ranch lands in search of wild turkeys and quail around central Florida.  Later, she attended summer camps which included  Sea Camp in South Florida, and FGFC Youth Conservation Camp in the Ocala National Forest. From a very young age, Sunny loved critters of all kinds, and had a constant collection of bugs, birds and orphaned wildlife in her care at all times.  She was fortunate enough to live next door to a very compassionate veterinarian, Dr. Kaiser, who taught her a lot, and agreed many times to help Sunny rehabilitate injured and orphaned animals including a baby owl, a baby squirrel, and an injured pheasant before returning them to the wild.  Sunny was fascinated by bats, and hung a bathouse on a tree in the backyard to keep the mosquito population down.  She and her best tomboy friend Kira, would catch lizards and hang them from their ears like earrings, and would walk along the Hillsborough Riverbank catching small snails, fish and bugs, for examination under her microscope. Sunny was best known for her love of turtles, and rescued many turtles from devastating fates on Florida roads. She participated in San Antonio’s annual Rattlesnake Festival and Gopher Tortoise Races, in which her tortoise Mushroom placed second before returning to the wild meadows of Zephyrhills, FL.  Sunny ‘s Dad always taught her that after observing wildlife, animals should return safely to the wild where they belong. As an adult, Sunny has continued to support wildlife conservation efforts with her family, through organizations such as Ducks Unlimited and Wildlife Warriors.  She has worked with rehabilitators and volunteered in shelters for displaced animals, and spends an occasional favorite evening on the sofa watching wildlife documentaries.  Now, as a mother of 2 young children, she realizes the importance of bringing nature experiences to children and feels passionate about the message of the Traveling Nature Class. “Because I am someone who truly loves children and animals, my role is important – and a dream come true.” – Sunny Dallafior