The Traveling Nature Class is a COLA public library approved vendor.  We offer libraries an interactive presentation that encourages group participation and is appropriate for all ages.  The animals are introduced a few at a time in a manner that is fun and exciting, allowing the audience to experience the wonders of nature in an up-close and controlled setting. Our facilitator will teach the participants how to hold the animals and will share many interesting facts about them, their natural environment and their social characteristics.  Emphasis is placed on using the library and its many resources to learn more about the animals.   The Traveling Nature Class also provides participants a list of our top recommended children’s books, many of which can be found at the library. Because library programs are often heavily attended, we cannot guarantee each and every participant will hold an animal.  However, we do our best to get as many youngsters to participate as possible, and frequently call children up to assist our presenter . We will arrive 20 -30 minutes prior to our scheduled start time to set up and discuss special requests or considerations. Programs can be delivered at any location within the library as long as there is enough space to interact with participants. Experienced * Professionally Trained * Licensed and Insured Inquire Now