School Programs

Valentine’s Traveling Nature Class offers free-flowing, age appropriate, interactive wildlife presentations that encourage group participation. The animals are introduced a few at a time in a manner that is fun and exciting, allowing the audience to experience the wonders of nature in an up-close and controlled setting. Our facilitator will teach the children how to hold the animals and will share many interesting facts about the animals, their natural environment and their social characteristics.  If the program is being introduced as part of a science program the facilitator can modify the lesson to support the curriculum being taught in the classroom. Each child will have the opportunity to hold and interact with a number of animals. We believe that through these interactions, students will learn the importance of environmental conservation and to be kind, loving, and respectful to the earth, each other, and all living things! We will arrive 20 -30 minutes prior to our scheduled start time to set up and review the format with the host teacher. Programs can be presented at any location within the school as long as there is enough space to interact with the children, ideally seated in a semi-circle or rows. We are also always happy to customize the curriculum to supplement specific lesson plans. Our Programs are designed to accommodate:
  • Classroom Visits
  • Assemblies
  • Science Nights
  • Homeschool Groups
  • Science Clubs
  • Day Care Centers
  • Science/Agriculture Classes
Recommended Class Sizes
  • Preschool– Kindergarten: Up to 20 students per session.
  • 1st– 12th Grade: Up to 30 students per session.
  • Larger class sizes and assembly formats also available upon request.
Recommended Session Length
  • Preschool– Kindergarten: 45 minutes per session.
  • 1st– 12th Grade: 60 minutes per session.
  • Session lengths should be discussed for larger classes and assemblies
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