From Teachers

I have been booking VTNC for all my schools for many years and it is consistently a favorite with the students and the teachers. As they will tell you, their collection of animals is not a petting zoo but a very educational presentation. Children are taught how to treat animals, what they eat, where they live and how they protect themselves. I will continue to book VTNC for the schools that I work for.

Ellen Hoffman , Pasadena Catholic Schools Field TripCoordinator

Valentines Traveling Nature Class has created a program that addresses the science content standards for California Public Schools. The students learn by touching, listening and speaking.

Mrs. Alvarez , Teacher South Ranchito Elementary

Valentines Traveling Nature Class is by far the best and most popular presentation that we have at our school. Their program has inspired me to add additional pets to our science lab. I believe that they change the lives of the students they teach.

Bruce Flint , Science Specialist Turningpoint School

Thank you for the best presentation we have ever had. These are just a few of the non-stop comments from the children throughout the day.Christan (4) – “I liked the hedgehog and snake I holded. I wear the stake around my head!!”Keith (5) – “I liked the frog and snake. The frog was so sticky and nice and friendly!”Elizabeth (4) – “I liked the spiky animals I got to hold. I was like a real pet veterinarian holding them!”Your lesson in teaching children not to be afraid of things in nature but rather to respect all that is a part of nature is just wonderful. Your advice on safety in dealing with animals was well received and discussed at length. We certainly hope to see you again next year.

Barbara Campbell , Director Church of the Valley Development School

Valentine’s Traveling Nature Class has participated in various programs offered at the museum, including summer camp classes, and overnight programs. They are truly wonderful to work with and are very professional and knowledgeable in their area’s of expertise.

Lorelei Sells , Youth and Family Programs Coordinator Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

The students at Nativity School are still talking about you!! What a great experience it was for them and they learned so much. Thank you for coming and making such a great impact on our children. One child remarked that it was the best day in school she had ever had. The presentation was so dynamic that it kept the children on the edge of their mats.

Nora Graham , 1st Grade Music and PE Teacher Nativity School

It took a whole day for our students to settle down after seeing all of God’s wonderful creatures that you brought to show us! What a delightful morning. We thank you for sharing your time and your knowledge.

Kristina Gifford , PSecretary Whittier Adventist Elementary School

For the past five years, Holly Redeemer School has been extremely fortunate to share in the quality program offered by Valentine’s Traveling Nature Class. The program is one of the most looked forward to activities of our Year. Our students in grades K-8 never tier of the unique and exciting animals brought to our campus

Cathi Garcia , Holy Redeemer School

If we as adults could have had the experience as children of Valentine’s Traveling Nature Class I’m sure we would not be as fearful of those creatures today. We look to having you visit our school again in the future.

Cheryl Iverson , Director Joyful Noises Preschool

I highly recommend Valentine’s Traveling Nature Class for any classroom. Their greatest asset is their ability to share organisms with students who will probably never again come into contact with in their lifetime.

Mary L. Inglish , 6th Grade Science Teacher Edgewood Middle School

Valentine’s Traveling Nature Class has visited our school for many years. They have always given the children a wonderful hands on experience. It is an educational, informative, and enjoyable learning experience for children of all ages.

Lora True , Director Pinecrest School

Our kids will long remember your animals and I hope they will remember your great instructions on their care and handling. I look forward to your return visit next year.

Chris Herring , Principal Baptist Christan School

Valentines Traveling Nature Class is an exceptional hands on experience for all grade levels. It is a wonderful way to make science come alive.

Teresa Baratt , Teacher Mayfield Junior School

I would like to thank you for the wonderful day you spent sharing the animals and all the facts about them with us. Your presentation and methods made the children not only anxious to hold the critters, but to learn facts about them as well. I particularly appreciated your sharing the fact that we are the caretakers of the planet and must treat it so. Unless we get children to buy into this important fact, the future will be increasingly gloomy. The happy faces on our sixth graders are the perfect advertisement for this service you are doing. I shall be contacting you soon as we wish to book a date for next year.

Teddi Nocolaides , Teacher Edgewood Middle School